Today is an Important Day

(hey guys, long time no see! School ate my brain, and well… this blog’s supposed to be about how not to subsist on Ramen, which is what I’ve been doing.)

Today is, indeed, an important day. Today is my darling mother’s birthday.

(I swear to whatever God you hold dear that she is normally more sane than this)

My darling mother celebrates an undisclosed number of years today, and I wish I could be there to celebrate with her (damn this whole “college” thing). Luckily, I’ll be seeing her tomorrow, so I’m not too sad.

My mom is the best kind of mommy– caring and attentive, unconditionally accepting of whatever I wanted to do (yes, even the “Dungeons & Dragons” thing), always has a bit of advice about everything, and a phenomenal cook.

Mom taught me pretty much everything I know about being in the kitchen (the rest I learned from Alton Brown). She taught me how to scramble eggs, what to do if the sweet potatoes catch fire (don’t ask– but if you need to know, baking soda will put out pretty much any kitchen fire), how to separate an egg without the use of a fancy gadget, how to buy avocados, and so much more.

My mom’s the reason this blog exists.

Happy birthday, Mom. Hope today is everything you want it to be. I’ll see you tomorrow!



2 responses to “Today is an Important Day

  1. You are too sweet!

  2. Happy birthday to your mom!

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