Tasty, Tasty Science

Guess what I did this weekend?

Hint: it involves separatory funnels, and Chien in a lab coat:

Yes, that’s right. We made ice cream using liquid nitrogen! Chien does this piece of culinary science at BayCon, a local science fiction convention here in California, and I usually play his lovely assistant. Well, he was asked to do it for work, and he had some left over, so we brought it over to the movie night we go to on Sundays. Why? Because science always goes over well with this crowd, and you can’t go wrong with ice cream!

(This part produces lots of cool fog-like stuff. Think dry ice, but colder.)

Our version of Dippin’ Dots. Every time Chien and I do this at BayCon, someone suggests that we call them “BayCon Bits”. Given my love for all things bacon, I’m totally in favor of this name. 😀

We still had a tiny bit left, so we’ll be playing with it a little more tomorrow night, at a games night I’m hosting. Also, I’ll be attempting a vegetarian version of French Onion soup, so tune in later this week for a post on the results of that, too!


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