“Hey, you should start a blog…”

So I did.

Hello, world! Welcome to “Cooks With Class”, yet another one of the myriad of cooking blogs out there. Hopefully though, mine fills a niche. The goal of this little venture of mine is to cater to the demographic that people assume to be least likely to do their own cooking: college students.

I’m an undergrad at UC Santa Cruz, and I know how tough it can be to find the time and money to cook healthy, delicious meals for you and your friends. Food is a big part of my family’s culture, and it’s always been a central theme in my life.

Anyway, a little about me. Hi, I’m Ryn!

Go Slugs!

As I mentioned, I’m an undergrad at UC Santa Cruz (Kresge college, for any other Slugs out there). I’m double majoring in Linguistics and Computer Science, so believe me when I say I understand the challenge of finding time to cook!

Also, I’m a bit of a geek (okay, a lot of a geek), so expect the appropriate geeky references to pop up from time to time. Also featured here will probably be my gaming group, who meets at my apartment once a week. I usually feed them dinner– the catch is they get subjected to my culinary experiments. I’m hoping that I can make a weekly feature out of ’em.

Well, that’s about it. Welcome to Cooks With Class: Saving college students from malnutrition, one meal at a time!


One response to ““Hey, you should start a blog…”

  1. Woot! Happy New Blog!

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